What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is relaxing and helps alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.
-Mayo Clinic

Our Reflexology sessions can be booked at either of our

two locations in Columbus and Dublin.

If this is your first time booking with us, we ask that you kindly complete

the Client Intake Form.

Client Intake Form - Columbus

Client Intake Form - Dublin

Are you pregnant? Foot reflexology is not recommended under 37 weeks.


Relaxation begins in this 45 minute session.

Feet are treated to hot steam towels and pressure point therapy

that will relieve all the stress of the day. 

Add a Charcoal Detox Mask to further rid your body of toxins.



This 60 minute session will leave you breathless. 

You will exhale all your worries away as hot stones melt stress and tension in your feet while your hands are massaged and placed into hand warmers. 

Add a Charcoal Detox Mask to further rid your body of toxins.



*If you don't see the appointment you want, join the Waitlist.  Click the "Join Waitlist" button located below the calendar on the booking page. 
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Your appointment is booked. Here’s what you need to know before you go. 

The Reflexologist will review your client intake form and briefly discuss your health history to determine what, if any, adjustments need to be made to meet your needs.


Masks are REQUIRED for all clients. Masks are required for the entirety of your service. If you do not have a mask, you will need to purchase one for $1.00. You will also be asked to wash your hands upon entering the salon.

You should wear comfortable clothes (pants that can be rolled up).


Do not eat a big meal.


You will need to drink water after the appointment. In most cases, clients are extremely relaxed and will feel sleepy. Since reflexology is a detox you may have an increase in bathroom frequency.  On very rare occasions some clients have reported feeling nauseous.

Are you pregnant? Foot reflexology is not recommended under 37 weeks.

Breathe (60 Min)

My reflexology session with Keesha was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and confident in her abilities right away. The amount of pressure she used felt so good and was very therapeutic. At the end of the session, Keesha shared with me what she was able to learn about some of the things I'm dealing with based on the reflexology. She was spot on. I highly recommend and will definitely be scheduling more appointments.

07.13.2022 · Joanna